First Class Fitment October 19, 2013

After weeks of anticipation First Class Fitment was here once again! The location was once again at the Princeton Airport, just an amazing back drop for a car show! With all the buzz on social media networks with who was or wasn’t accepted the show organizers had definetly chosen the best vehicles for their event. [...]

H2o 2013 The Cars Are Here… (Day 4)

I slept in after being up the past two days until 3am updating the site. We met our neighbors under us and are pretty cool. In the parking garage they had something hidden under a cover. We’ll show you some pics of that later!  All the action yesterday seemed to be within a 10 block [...]

H2o 2013 Oh Hump Day… (Day 3)

As I woke up this morning to the sounds of VR6 engines echoing in the streets I knew it was getting much closer to the weekend. I think I lost track of the days here. I believe the reason may be because the amount of cars that are down here from last year. There is [...]

H2o 2013 There Coming… (Day 2)

Today marked day two for us in Ocean City MD for H2o! As I woke up around 9am I headed down to the parking garage to detail my car, I had about a million bugs stuck to the bumper of my car from the drive down. As everyone else woke up we decided to head [...]

H2o 2013… The Beginning (Day 1)

Its that time of the year again that I always look forward too! H2o in Ocean City Maryland! I stay every year from Monday to Sunday and book a condo months in advance. Mark Torre of MarkT Films and one of our contributors decided to come along last minute on the trip. It only took [...]


CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO! WEKFEST NEW JERSEY. I almost didn’t want to make it until this special girl really wanted to see the full video (you know who you are!), so I made it because of her. Better late than never. I got to use one of my favorite songs of all time which [...]

Import Expo Atlantic City NJ, September 14, 2013

Import Expo had came to Atlantic City New Jersey and had brought out many quality builds! Import Expo is know as a Canadian show and we were pretty excited to talk to Bret about the upcoming event! We had shotgun with Si Rob’s Turbo Civic for the ride down, Thanks Rob for the lift! As [...]

Wekfest, Edison NJ August 25th, 2013

Wekfest New Jersey is back on the East Coast! I was speaking to Ernesto earlier in the year about the event coming back and I was psyched to hear he was planning the event! This venue is literally 5 minutes away from where I live. Before roll in a lot of cars were waiting in [...]

Gasket Goons Hot Rod Hustle August 11, 2013

The Gasket Goons had there 6th Annual Hot Rod Hustle at their new location in Asbury NJ. The location is amazing with enough room to hold carnival type setting and a huge field for hundreds of spectators cars! Lots of early model cars and bikes! This chop topped Cadillac was looking stunning with its detailed [...]

Tuner Evolution PA, August 3, 2013

Tuner Evolution was by far the BEST SHOW THIS YEAR!!!!! The quality of cars that were in attendance were second to none! Jay Martinez really put his all as he does every year into his event. The event was moved this year from York PA to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Mike Orem had his [...]